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Buying or Selling a House

Traditional home inspections do not typically provide you with a complete foundation analysis. And when you think about it, the foundation of your most valuable asset is probably a lot more important than the microwave or sink.

Request A Professional Engineer: Texas state registered home inspectors are not required to be Professional Engineers and lack the equipment and training to make the type of accurate measurements required to determine the state of your foundation. As a purchaser you can request the seller pay for a foundation inspection from a Professional Engineer (P.E.). Just make sure you request a full report that includes an elevation survey, (the type done by RCP) and not a ‘drive-by’ inspection.

Make A Wise Investment: The cost of a thorough foundation inspection by RCP is usually less than people expect. With the high cost of home repair it is a wise investment that could save you thousands of dollars.

Why Hire a professional?

Why Hire a professional?

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