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There are a lot of great reasons for living in North Texas.  Unfortunately the type of soils here is not one of them.  Find out if you have a problem and what can be done about it!


possible evidence of foundation damage

Traditional home inspections do not typically provide you with a complete foundation analysis.  Let us help you protect your most valuable asset.


Independent engineers working for the homeowner

Professional engineers will propose a solution for your foundation problems without worrying about how large their commission check will be on this job.  The fixed-fee report ensures that you get a repair plan that addresses the real foundation problem.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

RCP Engineering was formed by geotechnical engineers as an alternative for homeowners and commercial property owners needing foundation inspections and related work from qualified and independent engineers.  Learn more about our staff.

About RCP

What We Do

What We Do

RCP offers a full line of professional services in the area of foundation inspections for residential and commercial assignments.  Our prices are reasonable and our service is second to none.  We don't try to be the cheapest, just the best, and with your most valuable asset at stake you don't deserve any less.

What we do

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Our friendly, professional staff is eager to assist you in either inspecting your home as you prepare it for sale or to assess any foundation damage that you may have.  Fill out our form to request our services or receive a price quote.

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