About Us

RCP Engineering was formed by geotechnicial engineers as an alternative for homeowners and commercial property owners needing foundation inspection and related work from qualified and independent engineers

Key Staff


Robert Paddock, B.S., M.Eng., P.E.
Principal Engineer

Robert Paddock has over twenty-five years of  experience and three degrees in geotechnical engineering. His work has  been published in several professional and technical journals. Mr.  Paddock is a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas.

His duties with RCP Engineering include  foundation analysis and remediation design, which may include  supplemental support and drainage design.

Jim Sinclair, B.S.I.E.
Graduate Engineer

Jim Sinclair has over twenty-five years of experience in the  foundation repair industry.  He graduated from University of Houston in  1968 with a degree in industrial engineering.  

His duties with RCP Engineering include foundation analysis and  remediation design, specializing in supplemental support and drainage  design.


Debbie Johnson, B.S., NCFRS, PMP
Project/Office Manager

Debbie Johnson graduated from Capella University in 2015 with a  Bachelor’s of Science degree. She completed her coursework in Project  Management at Villanova University and earned her Project Management  Professional certification in 2013. She has been in training at RCP  Engineering since 2013. and now performs the foundation  inspections in South Texas. She received her NCFRS (National Certified  Foundation Repair Specialist) from the FRA in 2017. 

Aside from her work in South Texas, her duties at RCP  Engineering include A/R, scheduling and Office Management.  To date, she  has performed over 1,500 foundation inspections in the Houston and San  Antonio regions and recently expanded into the DFW area.


Robbie Paddock
AutoCAD Technician

Robbie Paddock has several years of experience in  AutoCAD drawing. His duties include converting field drawings of  foundation inspections into final drawings for reports, as well as  assisting in the production of reports used for the filing with various  municipalities for building permits.


His duties at RCP Engineering include processing engineering inspection  requests, dispatching, as well as typing and proofing all reports before  they are reviewed, signed and stamped by the P.E.  He also tracks all  requests to ensure the inspections are done and reports are sent out in a  timely manner. He is also an avid Orienteer, and competes  nationally and internationally on the USA Team, and is currently ranked  #1 in the USA.